Hi. My name is Duley. I am a dog. I don't have a home.

This is my diary.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Food, food, food

I walked by a pet store and saw this huge bag of dog food right near the door. I wanted to rip into it, but when I tried that before a person came out and chased me away and even threw things at me. I didn't want that to happen again but I wanted that food so badly.

I walked on, thinking about that bag. I looked right and left, hoping to see a trash can or a discarded hot dog or something like that. People throw things away all the time that are good to eat.

I went back to that park and saw this dog getting food from his person. I ran up to the person eagerly and asked for a snack myself but the person didn't even seem to see me. The dog didn't want me around, either. He growled at me. Of course if I had his food I would have growled at him!

dog food photo by cote, uploaded to flickr 10/1/06
dog getting fed photo by
shazbot, uploaded to flickr 6/27/05