Hi. My name is Duley. I am a dog. I don't have a home.

This is my diary.

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Monday, January 8, 2007

Looking for food

When I left the park it started to rain. I wandered down this street, looking for trash bags and garbage cans, but they had all been taken inside. I kept walking until I saw several dogs on leashes, all heading in the same direction. I followed them.

They went into a park. It was a pretty park. There were many different types of dogs in it. I thought maybe one of these dogs would know where I could get some food. But none of the dogs could tell me! They all said that their people magically provided it for them, but not for any other dogs.

I saw that these people all seemed to like dogs, except some of them only liked their own dogs. I picked out one of them and went up to her and gave her my biggest smile. She gave me a treat!

Posted by Picasaphotos by Judith Lautner