Hi. My name is Duley. I am a dog. I don't have a home.

This is my diary.

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Monday, January 8, 2007

A meeting in a park

I finally found a way on top of that building and I looked around. But everything looked so far away and it was hard to tell who the people were. I'm better with smell, anyway, and I haven't smelled my people for a long time. I did see a park when I was up there, though. I like parks.

So I climbed back down the stairs that the other dog showed me and back to the sidewalk. That dog didn't want to come with me. I headed straight for that park and met this doggie, RooRooRoo (at least that's what he said his name was). We played for a while, until his people noticed that I wasn't with anyone. They pulled him away. I could tell he wanted to stay and play but he didn't have a choice. I hope I get to play with him again some time. But right now I'm really hungry. I need to find something to eat.

photo by lincolnloggers, uploaded to flickr.